Candles & Lighting for your wedding day....and beyond.

We all love the romantic feel that candles can add to any moment, especially on your wedding day. But let's be real, having real candles can come with a lot more work and risk than you think.

One of the biggest risks of using real candles is the potential for fire. Candles can easily be knocked over, creating a fire hazard, especially in a crowded room. Additionally, if the candles are not properly placed or secured, they can pose a risk to the safety of your guests. Another risk of using real candles is the potential for wax damage. Real candles can drip wax, leaving unsightly stains on your rental tablecloths. This can be especially problematic if you are having an outdoor wedding on unlevel ground. Plus, if you have decided not to have a wedding coordinator this is one last task that you have to assign to a family member, and the less your family has to do the more fun everyone gets to have.

An alternative to real candles is to use battery-powered candles. Now, some candles can still look very fake but here are 5 candle brands that create the beautiful and romantic feeling you want. In addition to using these on your wedding day now you have amazing faux candles for your home and you can even gift them to your parents & family if you have extras.

Now lets talk string lights! These are great ways to light up your dance floor and add a touch more of elegance and are also great items to keep after the wedding day. Check out some of my favorites below!