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meet brandon & kammy.

Hello! We are the Whitelys. You have an amazing love story and whether you and your loved one are tying the knot, introducing someone new to the family, or celebrating the years of amazing memories you have created we are here to help share that story.

Brandon is in charge of video and will take your precious moments and turn them into a cinematic story that encompasses all of the things that make your love unique. 

Kammy is our photographer and is no stranger to making a photograph that is worth a thousand words. Your photographs are not going to be remembered as a link shared with your family or a post on social media. They are moments in time that will be there for future generations to see.

We strive for the authentic in between moments that give you chills. The ones that make you smile and bring you to that moment as if it were yesterday. We want to capture you, the madly in love. The adventurous. The fearless and captivating. Come authentic and leave with one of a kind love stories specifically created by you and captured by us. 

Double You Photography offers an experience like no other. Contact us today and let us tell your story the way it deserves to be told 

Our Philosophy

Live. Laugh. Love. Drink.

Live for today and soak in every moment.
Laugh at yourself, because if you dont life is just boring
Love yourself, so you can then love others.
And most of all. Drink, because all of the above is easier to do with a drink in your hand.

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