Photographer met videographer...

Anyone who knows us personally knows that we have worked side by side doing freelance videography and photography since we very first met. It brought us so much joy and fulfillment as well as lead us to some unforgettable adventures along the way.

In October of 2019 we had accepted a job offer as marketing managers and content creators for a rapidly growing company in Scottsdale, AZ. We packed our bags and hit the road only days after our wedding to go pursue the American dream!

Scottsdale was uppity, we got company cars, great benefits, good salary, giant house with the pool you name it! Well, after countless sleepless nights of pouring our entire souls into this company we learned a lot about ourselves and what we actually needed to be happy. All of the bells and whistles of working fancy big corporate jobs actually left us feeling completely empty inside. It is funny how no matter the amount of cheesy movies you watch or stories you hear saying “don’t sell your soul” or “material things won’t bring you happiness” we always tend to think “well that wouldn’t be the case for me, give me the success and I promise I will be complete”. That lesson just didn’t hit us until we lived it first hand and holy crap it hit us like a freight train. In conclusion, we trained a new team of creatives and have gone our separate ways with that company.

This next chapter gets us really excited. We left our place in Scottsdale and bought ourselves an RV. Remodeling this thing was no walk in the park and certainly tested our patience with not only each other but things that we can’t control. As we write this now the RV is officially done and we are back to working freelance doing what we love. It may be a smaller piece of the pie but it’s a pie that we made and that makes our hearts so much more full. We are so excited to travel full time with our two beautiful pups and could not imagine doing anything else.



CHris & Whirlyn

“Kammy photographed our simple beach wedding in kailua-kona, HI. I was nervous about having a photographer as I'm not very photogenic, but despite my nervousness she managed to capture so many priceless and beautiful moments. We are very happy to have found her and would happily recommend her to a friend. Thank you so much.”

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