Nichelle & Chad::

Nichelle & Chads Wedding was one that will go down in our history books for the most Brandon & I have ever laughed at at a wedding. Every moment with these two and their friends and family was filled with laughter, joy, and so much love. Their wedding taught me something so very important about love, and about my job as a photographer. My job is to respect and capture your love story, and for Nichelle & Chad their love story was their laughter and spontaneousness to dance and drink and be wild. They spent so much time and money creating this perfect day, and they spent 85% of it posing and having to do the "typical" wedding. They are not typical though. And no ones love story is. I didnt reach my normal photo count of photos of the Bride & Groom because they were no longer interested in having photos taken. All they wanted was to be with their family and friends. So, we cut photos short and just captured their CRAZY love. And it was epic and beautiful!  

This day documented a growing love & family but also loss... loss of alot of  iphones in the creek. Hahah 

Scroll all the way through the collection to see the wet & the wild hooligans of the Cooper Wedding. 

Our adventure did not stop there however, not only did Brandon & I get to capture their beautiful wedding, but the stars had aligned and we were given the awesome opportunity to capture some photos of their honeymoon here on the Big Island, HI. We went to a beautiful beach at sunset and had a night of debauchery at all the local bars. It was a night to remember and we cannot wait to reconnect with these two amazing people when we head back to the mainland to settle down. 

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