::Meet ED & Lulu::

Ed reached out to us when he decided he finally wanted to propose to his best friend, Lulu. Ed was so exuberant in all of our phone calls that we seriously couldn't help but feel completely immersed in his love for her. They were flying in from Honololu and the plan was to capture their proposal on the beach at the Fairmont Orchid hotel. When Brandon & I arrived 30 mins early to scout for the perfect spot we discovered that the beach was closed to a wedding!! So much love everywhere that night! haha

Anyhow, we found a lovely set of trees near the water (and next to a gazebo) and we shot Ed our location. We finally saw them coming our way and as they approached the trees Lulu is telling him she wants to go to the bar!! And there was no bar over "here" she was trying to walk away as Ed is frantically trying to convince her to stay there. Finally he drops to his knee and asks her to marry him. Her pure surprise and later embarrasement for trying to leave was beyond awesome. It was definitely a moment we will all remember. Luckily for Lulu, we did bring champagne.. so she still got her drink. 

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